timeblock® NIGHT SERUM 50 ml Formula Bluezones®

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Regeneration while you sleep

During the night, our entire organism calms down to regenerate and gather new strength for the next day. The transparent timeblock® NIGHT fluid supports the renewal and regeneration of the skin during its nocturnal resting period and thus its natural regeneration phase.

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In the evening, after cleansing your skin, apply a small amount of timeblock® NIGHT on your face, eye area and, if needed, your cleavage, and massage it in gently and completely. The transparent, fluid texture does not weigh heavy on the skin, but supports it in its natural regeneration phase, regenerating your skin while you sleep.

As the entire body rests at night, our skin does the same. With timeblock® NIGHT we can contribute to maximizing this natural regeneration. The result is healthier skin which looks more youthful, and a visible reduction of lines and little wrinkles overnight.

  • SH-Oligopeptide-1 / SH-Oligopeptide-2:
    Peptides are the new superstars in the area of cosmetics. To put it simply, they are organic chemical amino acid compounds. «Oligo» means that three to ten amino acids combine through peptide bonds. Compounds of 100 or more amino acids are referred to as «proteins». The exact sequence of amino acids of a peptide is encoded in our DNA. In nature, peptides perform a variety of different tasks. They are anti-inflammatory, antiviral, or act as hormones. Besides water, peptides are the most important components of our skin.
  • ÂMEFlore oil:
    This essential oil exclusively consists of natural compounds (absolutely free from chemical residues and pesticides) which are carefully extracted from plants. It is 100% pure, as no artificial ingredients, fillers or fragrances are added. The water vapour distillation method preserves the complete spectrum of active, natural ingredients (highest quality standards for laboratory: ISO 9001, and quality management: ISO 13485).

All our products are made of vegan, plant-based ingredients. Most of them originate from organic farming. All grow in unique regions of the world (blue zones), far away from the large industrial areas and the excessive use of pesticides.


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