We are a leading science group focused on constructive, precise, and intelligent development. Biogerontology Corp. rolls out the most advanced, scientifically proven, safe and effective therapy concept and products.

We bring together the most talented scientists, medical professionals and partners to offer our clients an extraordinary service. 

First and foremost, we offer personalized preventive anti-aging and beauty solutions, using state of the art technologies and analytics.

Our research team is constantly discovering new plant-based substances, which then are used in formulations for innovative and effective anti-aging concepts.

We work closely with major science hubs and universities, creating collaborations with academic researchers and biotech firms worldwide. Priorities of our research are elaborated concepts that optimize life quality, expand life, and prevent age related diseases.

​Live Longer, LIVE Better


The Swiss-based SWISS BLUEZONES® RESEARCH GROUP, in cooperation with Dr. Alexander Haslberger from the University of Vienna, is working with secondary plant substances from blue zone regions which might be beneficial in the area of better aging.

In 1998, the Swiss group did research into the dietary habits of the population of Yuzurihara, a region whose inhabitants were very long-lived and maintained an excellent quality of life up to a very old age. They also examine regions characterized by high life expectancies in Asia and South America.

THE BRAND timeblock®

The brand timeblock® represents a highly valuable approach to life: “Well-being“ – a both physically and mentally positive, balanced state of mind. Its outstanding features are a high level of vitality and performance, and positive vibes based on vigor and functioning metabolic processes in the organism.

timeblock® supports its users in “being themselves“ a bit more (balance), feeling more beautiful (self-esteem), pampering themselves (indulgence, reward) and enjoying every period or situation of their lives (acceptance, sensuality, pleasure). They take their time (a real luxury) for the really important things in life – such as taking care of themselves.