timeblock® FACIAL CLEANSER 100 ml Formula Bluezones®

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timeblock® FACIAL CLEANSER is a gently clarifying facial cleanser based on biodegradable surfactants (coconut). Specially developed jojoba wax pearls which melt due to body temperature and the frictional heat produced from rubbing the product on the skin gently remove cornified and dead skin cells.

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In the morning and/or evening, evenly apply a hazelnut-sized portion of the exfoliant on the skin areas to be cleansed. Intensively rub the product on the skin in circular movements until the jojoba wax pearls have melted, so the exfoliant effect vanishes. Now rinse the residual amount of the product with warm water. The result is radiant, clear skin without irritation or tension. After this cleansing procedure, use your respective timeblock® care product.

The skin is supplied with valuable jojoba oil, while being cleansed and smoothened at the same time to refine the pores. The purest ÂMEFlore oils from immortelle, lavender, geranium and lime have a harmonizing effect and give the timeblock® FACIAL CLEANSER a subtle scent.

  • Jojoba oil
  • ÂMEFlore oils from immortelle, lavender, geranium and lime

All our products are made of vegan, plant-based ingredients. Most of them originate from organic farming. All grow in unique regions of the world (blue zones), far away from the large industrial areas and the excessive use of pesticides.


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