timeblock® 4 WEEKS 50 ml Formula Bluezones®

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timeblock® 4 WEEKS brings together all ingredients of day and night care, combining their characteristics in a highly concentrated 24-hour treatment. Being the absolute high-performance solution, 4 WEEKS replaces timeblock® DAY and timeblock® NIGHT for the recommended time period of four weeks.

timeblock® 4 WEEKS is recommended as an entry treatment for overtreated, strained and stressed-out skin to facilitate its return to its natural regenerative capacity. A periodic fall/spring treatment prepares the skin optimally to the new seasonal challenges. We also recommend the use of timeblock® 4 WEEKS after or during prolonged travel periods such as business trips or after the skin was exposed to climatic stress, for instance during a beach or ski vacation.

The fragrance composition of the day and night care products was complemented by the both mysterious and mythical oud oil (agarwood oil). The deep oud fragrance has both a harmonizing and stimulating sensual effect, adequately topping off the sophisticated high-end formula of timeblock® 4 WEEKS.

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After your morning and evening cleansing routines, apply a small amount of  timeblock® 4 WEEKS to your face, eye area and, if needed, your cleavage, and massage it in gently and completely. The light texture does not weigh heavy on the skin, but supports it in its natural capacity to renew and harmonize itself from within.

timeblock® 4 WEEKS brings together all ingredients of day and night care, combining their characteristics in a highly concentrated 4-week treatment.

  • Fast and effective results for tired or over-nourished skin
  • Provides the strongest concentration of EQUOL in a quantity which is not available in any other product on the market
  • EQUOL:
    Isoflavones are phytoestrogens extracted, for example, from soy beans or red clover. They act on the same receptors as hormones do, but without having their side effects. When Europeans ingest isoflavones (e.g. daidzein from soy beans), certain genetic requirements must be met so the body can reconstruct them enzymatically and use them for purposes like improving the appearance of the skin. The plant-based fountain-of-youth molecule isoflavondiol (EQUOL) is the already metabolized form of the isoflavone daidzine.
  • EGCG:
    White tea is a variety of green tea, but it is treated in a very special way. The production of this tea is only possible on special days, using the still closed, young buds of the tea plant which are covered with silver-white fluff. The antioxidant EPIGALLOCATECHIN GALLATE accounts for about one-third of the dry mass of this tea and belongs to the group of secondary plant substances.
  • PQQ:
    Like little power plants, mitochondria (up to several thousands of which are contained in every single cell) provide the energy without which our organs would not function. In addition to EGCG, the new, highly innovative super-protein PQQ acts like an additional power plant for the cells and provides them with the energy they need to renew themselves.
  • Malus Domestica Fruit Cell Culture Extract:
    Malus Domestica is a new, liposomal active substance based on the stem cells of the Uttwiler Spätlauber apple, which is known for its extraordinary storage life. As this apple can be stored for such a long time without shriveling and losing its flavor, researchers figured out that it had to contain special substances and especially durable stem cells.
  • Algae extract:
    This active substance is an aqueous extract of the biotechnologically engineered microalgae species Dunaliella salina. It is rich in amino acids (which regulate nearly all metabolic processes in the human body and are indispensable for healthy skin) and carbohydrates.
  • SH-Oligopeptide-1 / SH-Oligopeptide-2:
    Peptides are the new superstars in the area of cosmetics. To put it simply, they are organic chemical amino acid compounds. «Oligo» means that three to ten amino acids combine through peptide bonds. Compounds of 100 or more amino acids are referred to as «proteins». The exact sequence of amino acids of a peptide is encoded in our DNA. In nature, peptides perform a variety of different tasks. They are anti-inflammatory, antiviral, or act as hormones. Besides water, peptides are the most important components of our skin.
  • ÂMEFlore oil:
    This essential oil exclusively consists of natural compounds (absolutely free from chemical residues and pesticides) which are carefully extracted from plants. It is 100% pure, as no artificial ingredients, fillers or fragrances are added. The water vapour distillation method preserves the complete spectrum of active, natural ingredients (highest quality standards for laboratory: ISO 9001, and quality management: ISO 13485).

All our products are made of vegan, plant-based ingredients. Most of them originate from organic farming. All grow in unique regions of the world (blue zones), far away from the large industrial areas and the excessive use of pesticides.


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