Winter Skin & Body Care Essentials

As the new year is starting, we are still facing a longer period of short and cold days. Lack of sun, cold dry air and increased air pollution are all challenging our body and skin. Therefore, the best we can offer them, in such challenging circumstances is proper care.

What does proper winter care actually mean?

  1. Eat proper

We know that proper nutrition is the basis for our health. We need enough fresh food, plenty of liquids and enough nutrients. As it is not always easy to take all the nourishing compounds due to the lack of time, constant supply of fresh ingredients, etc. This is why we can recommend helping your body with the proper supplementation. The recommended daily dosage of our timeblock® NUTRITION is the equivalent to 5.95 kg raw plant-foods and 3 liters of green tea.

  1. Sleep enough

As we were have already mentioned before, the biggest part of our regeneration process happens while we sleep. Due to our modern life style, we often do not get easily to the deep regenerative phase of sleep. Therefore, it is important to create a simple sleeping routine that can help us fall asleep. One part of the sleeping routine we find quite useful in our own experience is the timeblock® nutrition nigh capsule. It should be taken with an early dinner with sufficient liquids. Your body will be grateful beyond your imagination.

  1. Exercise

Move. In whatever way you like. But move. Regularly. Walk, dance, do yoga, sport or fitness. Be in the open.

  1. Massage and Exfoliation

It is important to start the blood circulation in your body on a regular basis. This is why it is very important to have a regular massage. If you do not have the possibility to regularly go to a professional massage. You can do daily self-massage that require only several minutes per day from you. For the regular skin blood circulation, you can use a mild, exfoliating facial cleanser. We can recommend timeblock® Facial Cleanser with its natural formula and coconut oil basis.

Enjoy your winter to the full extent by following these four simple steps.

Image Credit: Brooke Lark

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