Is exfoliation good for your skin?

In early youth, our skin regenerates quickly and feels very firm and fresh. Scientific researches show that the topmost of the three skin layers renews itself every 27 days. From around 55 years of age, however, the interval of skin renewal decreases annually to 60 to 70 days. At the age of about 25 years, collagen renewal begins to slow down. At that time at the latest, we should start to care for our skin properly – the earlier, the better.

Is there anything we can do to support our skin? Fortunately, yes! One of the things that can help improve the circulation of blood in our skin is exfoliation. And good blood circulation is just one of its benefits. You will find more benefits in the following text.

Four advantages of exfoliation:

  1. Helps with oily and acne-prone skin 

As we have already mentioned, most of us begin to think seriously about exfoliation as soon as we notice these first fine lines on our skin. But exfoliation can even help with oily and acne-prone skin that we struggle with, especially in our teenage years. So, it’s better to start peeling early.

  1. Refines the pores

Touching your skin and feeling its suppleness under your fingers. It is the most beautiful feeling in the world, isn’t it?

  1. Prepares the skin for the skincare products

To get the most out of our moisturizers, skin serums or face creams, we should first remove the dead cells from the skin surface. And there is nothing better for this than the right exfoliation.

  1. Stimulates blood circulation

Removing the dead cells from the surface is not the only thing it does. A good exfoliator works deeper by stimulating blood circulation, nourishing your skin and at the same time boosting collagen production.

It is important to mention that you should be careful not to damage your skin with particles that are too hard during facial cleansing. If you use mechanical or chemical peels containing hard particles, you should not use them too often. If your skin is dry or hypersensitive, it is best to avoid such peelings altogether. For people with oily skin, such peeling can be repeated once a week. If your skin is sensitive or you would like to peel more often, it is best to use peelings with soft particles. For example, the timeblock® FACIAL CLEANSER with specially developed jojoba wax pearls is suitable for this. As the pearls are rubbed into the skin, they melt through body heat and gently remove calluses and dead skin cells. For this reason, you can use it daily without any problems. timeblock® FACIAL CLEANSER

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