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How to eliminate body toxins at home?

The change of season is not only a time of renewal and growth but also the perfect time to focus on yourself and your health. If we are already doing a seasonal cleaning to get our living spaces in shape, isn’t it all the more important to clean and clear out our own body? What exactly has caused disorder there? During the cold season and/or especially around the holidays, we tend to eat more fatty foods: many carbohydrates, sweets, fats… In addition, the cold weather, the stay at home and the insufficient absorption of sunlight store many toxins in our joints, bones and organs. Viruses are therefore more likely to attack our weakened immune system. With the beginning of spring, longer days and more sunshine, we often feel the need to eat more fresh, light food and drink more water. And above all to move, to move, to move!

This year, in particular, we long for the seasonal detoxification. Lockdown. For many of us a foreign word and a completely new experience. After several days at home, with very little or no physical activity, our body longs for detoxification, improvement of lymph and blood circulation and strengthening of the immune system.

How to make a seasonal detox at home?

There are many different variations of a seasonal detox at home. It depends on the condition of our organism, our habits, circumstances, etc. We would like to suggest something simple, effective and feasible.

1. How long should it last?

There are several possibilities: a few days, several weeks… You decide what works best for you and what is possible. Many would like to do a 21-day cure. This number is known as the time when a habit develops. Some opt for a period of 10 days/week. This is also a good time to help the body eliminate accumulated toxins.

2. How does detox nutrition look like?

Light and nutritious food are the best. We recommend meals with lots of vegetables and legumes, citrus fruits (lemon and lime), fresh spices, seeds and nuts. These foods are easy to prepare and easy to digest.

Drink plenty of water and warm herbal teas.  It is recommended to drink at least 2 litres of fresh, filtered water.

3. What should one avoid?

It would be best to avoid meat, dairy products, alcohol and sugar altogether during this period. If you cannot stop consuming the above-mentioned products, try to reduce consumption to a minimum and use products of the best quality.

4. How can the process be supported?

a) Through regular physical activity. You are free to choose the movement/activity that suits you best. However, make sure that you do not put too much strain on your body during this time and that you include sufficient rest periods.
b) By taking food supplements for body nourishment. Our philosophy is to start the processes at the deepest levels. For this reason, timeblock® NUTRITION nourishes the body at its deepest, cellular level.
c) With a positive attitude and mindfulness. Just as with physical exercises, you are free to choose what works best for you: Meditation, walks in nature, art, prayer, reading… Whatever works is perfect for you.

Enjoy your process and good luck! timeblock® NUTRITION

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