Beauty sleep as a youth elixir?

According to various studies carried out over the last ten years, it actually exists – beauty sleep. It has been proven that most of the cell regeneration and collagen production takes place during the REM sleep phase. When we are in deep sleep, our body pumps large amounts of blood into all our organs, thereby rejuvenating them.

The same regeneration helps our mind to realign itself. How exactly does this affect us? It helps us to feel more relaxed and happy. And as we already know, a happy face is a beautiful face.

With so much stress in everyday life it is not easy to get the necessary dose of beauty sleep every day. Multitasking, travel, poor nutrition and stress are some of the elements that influence our sleep. A long-term lack of sleep not only makes us tired, it also makes us look older and affects our general health.

5 Tips for a Better Beauty Sleep

  1. Before the Bed Rituals

Remember when you were little? There was dinner, then teeth were brushed, someone read us a story and we snuggled up in bed with our favourite stuffed animal. Well, maybe it’s time to resurrect those rituals. Maybe not necessarily the stuffed animal part, but definitely a sleep routine. Those little rituals that signal our bodies that we’re preparing for sleep. It’s time to slow down and relax. You don’t have to drag it out, you can keep it short. But it should be as consistent as possible.

  1. Light dinner

When we talk about dinner, there are two key elements. First, dinner should be light. And second, it shouldn’t be eaten too late. In order to help our body to fall deep into sleep and to support our regeneration phase, we should not overload our digestion by eating heavy food and/or eating late at night.

  1. No sugar or caffeine at late hours.

Eating sugar late in the evening or in the night overstimulates you. Instead of bringing our energy down, by eating sugar we bring our energy up. It signals our body we are ready for another wave of action. Instead of stepping down. It also overstimulates our pancreas and increases the body’s overall activity.

Caffeine has a similar effect on our body. If you like a cup of warm dring in the evening, it is better to drink a cup of herbal tea, such as camomile, lavender or valerian.

  1. Sleep Elixir from the Right Plants

There are several natural remedies known to help us sleep better. Since childhood we have known lavender oil, camomile tea, etc. But there is a completely new kind of sleep elixir. There are herbal combinations that are designed to support your body on its deepest cellular level. They nourish your body and help it to relax deeply. And such deep relaxation helps the body in turn to boost collagen and elastin production. This then ensures that we rest completely and wake up happy.

One of these sleep elixirs is our timeblock® Vital Aging Nutrition Night. This small capsule contains nutrients derived from high-quality plants grown in their natural habitats all over the world. Some of the extracts come from grape seeds, algae, wheatgrass, tomatoes, shiitake and marigold. Scientifically matched by the study of nature and the habits of people known for their longevity. Years of research and superior results combined in just one capsule.

  1. Light sports exercises, yoga or meditation

After you have eaten a light dinner and taken your sleep elixir, you can take 5-10 minutes to stretch slightly or meditate briefly. If you wish, you can even do this in your bed. It will also help your digestion, blood circulation and calm your mind.

These are five simple steps that anyone can take. The best thing is that they don’t take up much time. But if you do them regularly, you can greatly improve your daily routine and the quality of your sleep and cell regeneration. It will help you feel and look younger and healthier.

Photo credit: Gregory Pappas timeblock® NUTRITION

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